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Ali is passionate about renewable energy and the need to know more about it. He really believes that renewable energy is the future, and that we need to prepare our young generations to embrace this belief. We prepare them not only by teaching them about renewable energy in a theoretical way, but by showing them practical examples and teasing their young minds to innovate and become problem-solvers. So, Ali thought of setting up iSolarWorkx for this purpose. His aim is to deliver to the young generations the kind of education on renewable energy which makes them think, learn and play all at the same time. Ali started his business venture in the UAE and aims to expand worldwide.

So, what’s his professional background? Ali has a B.Sc. in Computer Science and later in his career pursued MPhil research in Bioinformatics at Imperial College London, UK. Ali is an experienced Financial/Energy Trading and Risk Management consultant, a qualified Financial Risk Manager (FRM) as well as PRINCE2 senior practitioner project manager. Ali is now a budding entrepreneur who wants to fulfil his passion for renewable energy education through creativity and innovation.

On the personal level, Ali lived most of his life in the UK, and visited and worked in many other countries in Europe and across the ocean from the US to Australia. He is now based in the UAE with his family. When he is not working, Ali loves to practice sailing and horse riding.

Mai is an academic who believes in the power of education. She believes in the modern methodologies in teaching, especially learning by playing and integrating technology and innovation in textbook-based learning. For Mai, any successful learning experience needs to engage the students in a thought-provoking activity and be fun too. iSolarworkx aims to provide just that, and that’s why Mai joined the team. Mai is also passionate about the Arabic language, and realises the need for the young generations in this region to learn about the sciences in Arabic, not just English. The lack of resources on renewable energy in Arabic is a huge gap iSolarWorkx wants to bridge.

So, what’s her professional background? Mai has gone on the academic ladder from the B.A. all the way to the Ph.D. Her areas of research and teaching include linguistics, translation and Arabic for non-native speakers. She has studied and taught in universities in Egypt, the UK and the UAE.

On the personal level, Mai lived in Egypt and the UK and is now based in the UAE with her family. When she is not working, Mai loves to try new activities, from playing the piano to kick boxing.


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