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Education Technology Kits

Let’s face it, we all like to play and have fun. But why not play while learning too? Science doesn’t have to be boring. Scientific concepts do not have to be complicated. At iSolarWorkx, we believe that learning by playing is one of the best approaches for education and our DIY education technology kits will help you to do just that!

Instead of reading about Newton’s first Law, how about using our DIY solar car kit to learn about the relationship between distance, time and speed? Instead of reading about how solar energy can power appliances in a house, how about observing a fan and a light bulb as they actually work on solar energy in a model house?

Want to know more? Ok, take our first education technology product. It’s a DIY solar car kit that teaches you about solar energy, electricity, mechanical motion, as well as various aspects of physics and mathematics. Some of the features of this education technology kit include:

  • A solar panel that can tilt in various directions to teach pupils about sun direction, solar rays and absorbed solar energy and the effect this has on the speed of the car.
  • A specially designed solar case capable of hosting various solar panels, one at a time, with different power (1W, 1.5W and 2W) to present to pupils the relationship between energy, power and speed.
  • A multi-gear function (simulating gears in bicycles) to teach pupils about solar power, DC motors and mechanical motion.
  • An on/off button to control when to start the car.
  • A choice between straight line movement for racing, or circular movement.

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