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Do you want to learn about renewable energy in a fun and innovative way? Do you want to understand complex concepts from your science curriculum away from textbooks and through hands on experience? Do you want to know renewable energy news from around the world? Do you want to do that in English or in Arabic? Are you an instructor looking for more creative ways to teach your students about renewable energy and general physics? You’ve come to the right place.

iSolarWorkx is innovating the edutainment industry. We design and manufacture educational renewable energy DIY (Do It Yourself) kits, with a number of innovative and distinctive features that you cannot find anywhere else. Our customers are school pupils and university students, locally and internationally, who want to have fun while learning.

The aim of all our products is to help customers to:

  1. Understand topics related to their science curricula, especially physics, in an easy and fun manner.
  2. Be creative and innovative as all our products are DIY.
  3. Practice hands-on applications related to renewable energy.

So, how do we do that? Our first product, for example, is a solar DIY car kit. Is it a toy car? NO, it’s an educational DIY car kit that you assemble yourself, it’s powered by solar energy, and while you play with it, you learn interesting concepts from your science curriculum. iSolarWorkx provides a set of science experiments, drawn from the science textbooks (for the British, American and International Baccalaureate curriculum) which explain some concepts from physics and science. For example, you can understand the relationship between distance, time and speed in one experiment. In another, you can use the car to understand the relationship between Watt, Volt and Amps.

So, iSolarWorks provides you with the whole package: a comprehensive website with everything about renewable energy, unique educational DIY products, and a set of experiments with each product to connect it to concepts in your science curriculum.